Body Acne – Signs and Symptoms

Body acne develops in the same manner as facial acne. Studies have the truth is indicated that in case you have facial acne, there is a possibility of developing the same in other parts of the body. Other areas with the body use a thicker skin when compared to the facial skin, next to your skin larger pores and thus, the condition can be be extremely severe sometimes.

This way of acne commonly affects areas including the chest, back, shoulders along with the buttocks. It can also affect every other portion of your system aside from the palms along with the soles of one’s feet. The palms and also the soles can not be affected because they’re the only two areas in the body that lack skin oil glands. Pus-filled red marks on your arms, legs and buttocks may be signs in the disease. It is however better to have a dermatologist examine the marks.

Although the main cause of body acne breakouts can be unknown, damp and sweaty clothing in addition to irritation can make it worse. Wear breathable cotton clothing and always change when you get sweaty. When you experience skin irritation, try to find out the cause because this might supply you with a clue on which to avoid. Showering regularly helps as well to help keep the disease away.

Treatment is determined by whether your problem ranges from light to moderate or whether or not this ranges from moderate to severe. For lighter cases, you’ll be able to gently clean the involved area, give it time to dry completely and after that apply alpha hydroxyl acid. In cases of severe body acne, cleansing the affected area then applying both benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxyl may be affective.