N-Lite Acne Treatment

What is N-Lite? One of the treating curing serious acne and healing of scarred tissues that has been drawing plenty of attention is the deep-pulse laser treatments termed as N-Lite. N-Lite is really a yellow light laser that targets the bacteria that produces acne. The bacteria include a substance called porphorine. When porphorine reacts with yellow (or blue) light there can be a photosynthetic chemical reaction which releases oxygen. This reaction exterminates the bacteria. Dermatologists also claim that this method helps the body to replenish collagen. This minimizes acne pits and scars by plumbing in the skin.

Advantages of N-Lite Acne Treatment Reduced amount of acne and healing of scarred tissues. Dermatologists who focus on N-Lite treatment say there won’t be any unwanted effects, although some people might customers complain about small bruises for, seven days after treatments. The recovery process is, however, quick simply because this laser method doesn’t burn your skin. A recent clinical study demonstrated that one particular N-Lite treatment reduced the amount of acne lesion around 50 % in 2 weeks. This diminishing continued for up to 3 months after treatment.

Disadvantages Deep scarring will not be as dramatically reduces like with other skin resurfacing techniques. N-Lite is not an one-time treatment, also it can be quite costly and multiple sessions could be needed before any healing sometimes appears. Continued therapy is needed to maintain ‘abnormal’ amounts of bacteria and also to keep up the production of collagen. Not all costumers report successful treatment. The general attitude of people who is applying N-Lite is however positive.