Sulfur Acne Treatment – Does Sulfur Still Have a Place on Today’s Medicine Cabinet?

Sulfur has been used for many skin conditions for some time. It has been used from sets from eczema to dandruff. In the early days people would utilize it for treating acne too. People accustomed to just rub it on their own face to cure their acne. Imagine that. That smelly yellow powder that match sticks are made of, all over your face. Well Gus what, these folks were to something. Sulfur remains to be used today and it is within a massive variety of acne treatments. It is usually joined with resorcinol. Apparently, resorcinol joined with sulfur actually improves the healing properties of sulfur.

The pharmacy industry has long realized this and has been using sulfur within their medicines since seventies. Although relatively rare today, sulfur can nonetheless be effective as spot treatments, concealers, or treatment masks to accept the red beyond acne. A lot of people still swear by it.

Dermatologists cannot apparently make-up their mind whether it still belongs in modern acne cure you aren’t. One thing for sure many people struggling with acne used a sulfur acne remedy 1 time or even the other during puberty. Just think Clearasil. I can’t think of anybody when I went to school that didn’t own a bottle from the blue miracle liquid. Without a doubt the most prominent of most sulfur based acne skin care treatments. Nowadays, benzoyl peroxide looks like it’s probably the most dominant ingredient inside acne cure industry. But a sulfur acne treatments can still be effective for a lot of. Especially for people who find themselves allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Most experts agree that sulfur definitely has healing properties and you will be around to the unforeseeable future. People being affected by mild to intermediate acne, would be strongly advised to use an a sulfur acne treatments before resorting towards a far more aggressive form of treatment.

If selecting a sulfur based acne cure, there are some items you should know. You should start having a mild dose and gradually boost the application. This will give your skin the opportunity to accommodate the exfoliation slowly. If you start having a high dose in the beginning, you could possibly encounter some uncomfortable unwanted side effects. normally redness, flakiness and general irritations for the skin. If you have dark skin, you need to maybe turn to and complementary medicine, mainly because it has demonstrated that unwanted side effects using sulfur based acne treatments usually are somewhat much more serious. If you are using accutane, you need to definitely consult a dermatologist before using sulfur being an acne cure. All in all though, experts agree a sulfur based acne cure is relatively safe.